Boys pretend they’re having a fight.. :D

Boys pretend they’re having a fight.. :D

what was the Koyla/Rodney fic you were talking about in the tags that made you cry. I want to cry. Especially if it's Rodney making me cry, while Kolya hurts him. That's my ultimate weakness. And a good cry sounds good right now. Thanks. I'm not weird, i swear. I just really like Rodney in pain.



That was “Life Less Ordinary" but it seems like the link is no longer working.. Actually it’s a REALLY REALLY LONG bdsm mcshep fic but there was a chapter in which they both were ‘hurt’ and there was Kolya and I wasn’t really reading that chapter I was just scrolling the most part but what I saw made me cry anyway T________T

PS: I like Rodney in pain too but only when it’s John hurting him and when they both enjoy it (◉‿◉✿)

The story is still available on Puddle of Goo’s LiveJournal. You can find the index here.

But there’re only 10 parts.. ?
rosweldrmr found it on AO3 - and there’re all 13 :D

Btw, thanks, I may read first 9 again someday @_@

Could you make a gif of Rodney with bloody hands in Trio? I always loved how he saved Keller and Sam with his physical strength at the end. It just shows that no matter what the situation, Rodney is a hero. Thank you.

Whoaaa I don’t even remember that o_o
(I’m in the middle of 3rd season in my rewatch)

Ok, will do~!